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Dating App Fatigue? 


Why a Matchmaker Over Dating Apps?


As a professional Matchmaker, I personally vet each client and candidate with a video screening call. I background check all clients. With a matchmaker, you receive the personal attention of a professional who has your best interest in mind. 

I'm a person - not a computer algorithm -  who uses my professional credentials, experiences, intuition, and science based approaches to carefully match people based on core values, lifestyle, preferences, and a shared vision for life with a partner. In short, you get quality matches and no "seat fillers." 

Who Works With Matchmakers?

Most people that hire a matchmaker are ready for a real, lasting relationship. They aren't meeting the type of people they wish online, they are busy and successful professionals, and they wish to save time and energy by outsourcing their search for love to a professional. 

What Is The Matchmaking Process? 

  • First, we conduct an in-depth, one-on-one session where you describe your personal dating preferences, lifestyle, culture, religion, occupation, hobbies and interests, future goals, and more.

  • Once hired, I will use my professional networks to individually recruit dating prospects to meet your preferences.

  • We have a discussion about the prospective introductions. 

  • I curate a date for you! Whether it's on Zoom or in person, I set it up. 

  • We discuss feedback. I want to hear what went well and what "missed the mark" in order to guide the search for your best match.

How Do I Get Started?

Interested in hiring a Matchmaker? Book a consultation on Zoom HERE.

Interested in joining my private database as a possible match for a client? Join HERE

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