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If you are looking to hire
a matchmaker,
but don't know who
to choose,
we need to talk.


You may be wondering "is there a difference", "who will get me", or "will it be successful?" 

I get it, and I can help.


Hi, I'm Shana Tibi, MSW, professionally certified Matchmaker and Date & Relationship Coach. As a well known collaborator in the matchmaking field, I have a network of esteemed, vetted colleagues across the globe. Each with their own unique set of skills and backgrounds. 

And the truth is, not all matchmakers bring the same set of skills to the table.

There are four key elements to consider when identifying the right matchmaker for you. I call them the 3-C's.

CHEMISTRY. Do you click? Is there a comfortable rapport? Do you believe that this matchmaker can help you find love?

CREDENTIALS. Is this a certified matchmaker recognized amongst other colleagues and who frequently collaborates? Do they belong to professional associations, have a social media presence or website, and do they have any reviews?

COMMUNITY. What communities/ circles/ networks are they tapped into? Meaning can they find the right matches for you based on your unique background, culture, religion and philosophy, lifestyle, geography, needs, and preferences?

One of my favorite things to do is matchmake matchmakers!

After years of interviewing singles, setting up dates, and creating couples in my own matchmaking agency, I'm here to help those looking for love find the best matchmaker fit for them. 

Here are the steps and what to expect:
START by booking your 30 minute consultation here. For $225 USD, I will save you hours of research time and share my expertise and insights into matching YOU with the right love and relationship professional.

HAVE ZOOM installed, with a working mic and camera, on your laptop or mobile phone.

WE will meet and discuss your relationship goals and what led you to consider matchmaking. Some topics of discussion will include your

  • Lifestyle

  • Geographic location

  • Religion and philosophy

  • Relationship status

  • Child status

  • Relationship goals and vision for your future

  • Budget for matchmaking

After our private, get- to- know- you session, I will email you the contact information of the most fitting matchmaking professionals for you and personally introduce you to them via email. 

Let's connect.

Book your consultation here. 


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