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I'm a wikiHow Author!

If you've ever Googled a random question, you've certainly seen wikiHow answers in the search results. With their signature cartoony graphics and a thorough solution to life's big and small problems, I was thrilled to jump aboard!

The process of becoming a featured expert was fun. A wikiHow representative interviewed me via telephone. I wasn't exactly sure of the specific questions he'd ask. But I felt ready. You see, after hundreds of Zoom consultations with prospective clients and daters, I've heard it all. And most daters want the same thing: to feel secure with someone who brings equal value to the relationship. Bam, that's it. So when I answered my interviewer's questions - it was through that lens in various forms. I gave advice on "meeting the parents", "how to flirt", "the right time to text back," and so on.

Our conversation yielded 15 wikiHow articles! Here's links to all of them.

How to Meet the Parents (Shana's fave of the bunch)

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